Books and Book Chapters

Tullberg, Jan. 2014. Låsningen – en analys av svensk invandringspolitik, Lykeion, Stockholm.

This book is presented on a separate home page:


Tullberg, B. & Tullberg J. 2011. “A Model of Actions and Norms”, A_Model In Biology and Politics: The Cutting Edge, Albert Somit, A & Peterson, S (Eds), The Research in Biopolitics Series by Emerald. Bedfordshire, UK, pp 29-51.

Tullberg, J. 2002. Reciprocitet – etiska normer och praktiskt samarbete, Tullberg 593 Ekonomiska Forskningsinstitutet vid Handelshögskolan i Stockholm, Doktorsavhandling

Tullberg, J. & Tullberg, B. 1999. “Separatism  – Choice or Desperation?” Separatism in Thienpont, Kristiaan & Cliquet, Robert (eds), In-group/Out-group Behavior in Modern Societies, Vlamse Gemenschap (NIDI CBGS Publications 34), Brussels.

Tullberg, J. & Tullberg, B. 1994. Naturlig Etik – en uppgörelse med altruismen, Lykeion, Stockholm.

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Tullberg, J. & Tullberg, B. Natural Ethics – A Confrontation With Altruism. The English version of this book is not in print. However it is available to download for free:


What are good morals? Chapter1,

Actions in nature and culture Chapter2,

Moral systems – a structure Chapter3,

Morality and reality Chapter4,

Private morality – ethical rules and effects Chapter5,  Morality and social dynamics Chapter6,

War and peace – and reciprocity Chapter7,

The morality of leadership Chapter8,

Biology and the cultural gap Chapter9,

Altruism and political sociology Chapter10,

The future of altruism Chapter11,